Bunkai of the Bubishi

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I have many of Sensei Pantazi's videos and attended a seminar in Boulder Colorado about 10 years ago or so.  I mainly do Shito Ryu but did Uechi Ryu for 10 years, some Wing Chun and Taiji, so you can see that the Pantazi Kyusho is right down my alley.

I had a question and it has a lot to do with some of the kata seen in Goju Ryu and Shito Ryu.  During the kata Superempai, towards the end there is a series of four movements much like the first three movements in Seiunchin kata, where the fists are spread apart.  But in Superempai there is a double upset palm block followed by a downward palm press while the other hand does a low shoken (first knuckle fist) strike to the lower body.  I used to think it was to the danten but a couple weeks ago I saw something from William Chung of the Wing Chun art and he was talking about attacking the belly button.  I would presume that would be on the conception vessel and probably either point might be a vital point.  Have you found the belly button to be a good striking point?  Do you think that is one of possible points found in that section of Suparempai I mentioned?

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Brandon Broderick
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My Reply:

Well sir first I hope you are well and working the Kyusho in all you do.

Now I do not work with Pressure Points and have actually been working to explain that Kyusho is not Pressure Points. I started instructing by using them and slowly weening people into the real anatomical structures and human physiology. That said I can not tell you that the conception vessel is an actual target, but let me give you some ideas on what you can attack, that we have gained powerful affects from.

The Naval is alos not a great target in my opinion as everybody varies greatly in position (high or low tors placement) as well as types (the veritable inny/outy variation) as well as body composition. As example a heavy person with an extended belly may have a downward facing naval, the a strike from a higher to lower position (as in the Kata) would be useless. Now it may hurt, but would it cause dysfunction, if not then I would not train it as a target.

However there are a great number of possibilities would appear on the head, neck or upper body with the withdrawing hand pulling the opponent down and in toward you. This will enable you to use your body weight during the pull to turn the head and open many vital nerves, blood vessels and other anatomical targets for a sharp penetrating blow. The film example above, depicts a Shito-Ryu version of Suparempi, but also note the image from the Bubishi, hat also does. The application I used was from another Kata (Rokkishu), yet it depicts one such target that this would open to you when applying the above mentioned method.

The target you could attack would be the "Brachial Plexus" in the should area. This will cause pain, dysfunction, paralysis of the arm and other powerful affects up to unconsciousness.

Deeper Anatomical and Physiological Kyusho Explanation and Application... 


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