The Classic Posture from Tai Chi as well as Passai or Bassai Kata and several other ancient Kata postures. It can also be seen in the Ancient Bubishi in many forms of application which all are designed to quickly disable the opponent.

Defensive Use-case - Offensive Use-case

However we can surmise the ears are not the actual target as there are far more efficient and powerful ways to strike the ears. You could use the clasping actions of making the fist to seize the ears, but this is not powerful or devastating enough to disable or kill the opponent. But if we think of the ears as a locality to map out better targets, it then lay in the practitioners mind what they are actually attacking and even seen or named would not be readily understood by the onlooker or uninitiated in Kyusho.

In most cases the hands are positioned in fisted application,as in Tai Chi, the fists are actually inverted for specific single knuckle striking. In Uechi Ryu or Pangainoon styles, the Shoken (Phoenix Eye Fist pictured above on the left) or seizing style as picture on the left in a Sanchin Application.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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