Siu Nim Tao

Wing Tsun/Chun is a concise and direct Martial Arts Style with many generations of history since it’s inception. In the centuries of its existence, it has become one of the world’s predominant styles, a testament to its efficiency and effectiveness. This style embodies the same principles as the study of Kyusho (also known as Dim Mak or Dim Hsueh in various oriental dialects), in its economical use of power and precision over strength to achieve maximum results. It is in these efficient and precise movements that we see the tenants of Kyusho as well as a direct correlation between the two bodies of knowledge.

Although Kyusho can be learned without prior martial experience, you still need an efficient and adaptable delivery system of strikes, kicks and grabbing techniques to employ it. It is to this end that we focus on the first Wing Tsun/Chun form of Siu Lim Tao. Some believe this first form to be basic and just a training exercise to develop coordination, posture, balance and other necessary attributes. However it is a virtual library of powerful and precise targeting possibilities that will enable the practitioner to increase their skills and capabilities in a complete system unto itself. We are going to investigate this incredible set of physical movements using the anatomical targeting of Kyusho to open a new wealth of infinite possibility and study for the practitioner.

Kyusho is the study of the weaker anatomical structures of the human body and how to properly affect them and in so the physiology and function of the body. It is the knowledge and skill to attack or manipulate targets located on Nervous and Vascular (sometimes both) structures. Because these targets are affecting these systems, we are actually attacking the internal body as opposed to the external structure. The external body was designed by nature to take abuse, from strikes, falls, torn tissue, ect. What it isn’t designed or adapted to is attacks on the internal structure and functions, precisely why Kyusho has such devastating and predictable effect… Siu Lam Tao exploits this perfectly.


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