The 4 Cardinal Directions

From: Happy ClamGuy
"Off topic, but what is the significance of turning to the four cardinal points and repeating a movement in a kata, like in Suparinpei or shisochin? From a kiko (qigong) perspective, turning to face the four different points is meant to amplify qi through your meridians, but what about a martial understanding? I thought about it, and wonder does it have to do with performing a kyusho attack, the same attack, but at different times of the day? What are your thoughts?"
From: Evan Pantazi
"I wouldn't say it has any performance edge, but rather that the application could be use on targets in the front, rear and both sides of the body. Also an even training of right left hands (tools) in this Kata you linked, Iron Claw, Iron Sword or Iron Palm seem to be the tools. The targets would be what presented themselves."

Follow these links for a full Anatomical and Physiological Kyusho Explanation and Application... 


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