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The streaming films are six, 45:00 segments that can be streamed anywhere, on your TV, Computer, Phone or pad... with no memory usage. You can travel with your phone, pad or computer and have access (with wifi connection) anywhere.

Instructors Chip Quimby (Uechi Ryu) and Evan Pantazi (Kyusho) Presented an open course for gaining Health, Wellness and Protection from Sanchin Kata.


Sanchin is a concise and encompassing holistic exercise that develops strength in your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles as it aligns your joints to protect you from the aging process.


As Sanchin Practice strengthens your body, you will also gain endurance, energy, physiological functionality, balance and proper body neurological efficiency.  This exercise will connect you mind, body and spirit for a new you.


Sanchin is also the foundation of many Martial Arts as it is a simple and powerful self protection practice. joined with Kyusho it is a complete protection system that is easy to learn, practice and use.

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Sanchin - Health, Wellness & Protection
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