A Deeper Look

Learn this knockout technique from San Zhan, for the extended film with anatomical instruction and knockout explanation as well as demonstration, join this channels "Extended Video" level.

San Zhan, stems from the Chinese White Crane style, some also call the form San Chin, Saam Chien as well as other names. But it is not the name, nor the style that is important, it is the actions within the form and the level of skill you have in Kyusho that opens it to infinite possibility. When practicing Kyusho, the higher your understanding and actual skill in it, will enable you to decipher any action in any form as well as convert it into a reliable and devastating self protection method.

Once you have that method deciphered, it  is now up to the practitioner to refine and advance that method. One way is to first test it on as many different individuals as possible, then to slowly increase the level of intensity and urgency in pre-planned attack/defense scenarios. Once that is accomplished you work to make in more spontaneous from freestyle attack in all ranges and fighting need.

The escalations can continue to become more and more challenging to increase your ability to deploy the method and the the assurance that it is a natural response in most attack possibilities.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:


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