Six Hands of Shaolin

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Rokkishu translates into "6 hands" (seen in the ancient Bubishi as the 6 Ji Hands or 6 Wind Hands of Shaolin), originated in Chinese Martial Arts. It is widely thought to be the precursor of the Goju Ryu form called "Tensho". (Image: Gokenki performing at left, Kenwa Mabuni watching to right).

What is presented in this film is the first two actions of the form, with anatomical structures and the real affects. The form is not the important part as these actions are in many Kata of many styles, the main thing is the targets, tools and trajectories to make them devastating attacks on the human anatomy and physiology.

The form is called Rokkishu and of the Gokenki lineage, handed down from Gokenki (Wu Xian Gui) to Eiku Chun who in turn passed it on to his son Yun Chun. Yun Chun was a friend and mentor of Gary Rooks who in turn graciously passed this rare form down to him. Gary has passed it along to me and now you.

Two Devastating Kyusho Knockouts

The two applications are of similar intent, however they are to different Vital Targets and have subtle differences in application. The first KO is directed to nerve and blood targets, the second to blood organ, both designed to kill and opponent quickly.

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