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A question from one of the Patreon Subscribers read as follows:

Reverse breathing.  When performing kata (I.e., Sanchin, Naihanchi, etc.), do you use reverse breathing?  And also when performing Kyusho movements?  I have been reading about this as a source of body change and power.  Is this part of the tiger and crane body change method?  Thank you for all your research and hard work.  Much appreciated.

Reverse Breathing does have some Martial Benefits, however it is counter productive for Kyusho application and training.

Human Electricity
Negative energy is the bodies natural state due to the balance of potassium and sodium in your cells. When resting we have greater potassium (negative ions), which resides inside the cells.
Outside the cells is a a layer of positively charged sodium. The difference is so slight there is little change or electrical capacity. However when the cell opens and the positive and negative are attracted we develop a greater electrical charge.
These electrical charges are responsible for every function from sensory to motor functions like feeling pain or your heart beat, or even thought itself.


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