Our Core Instructors

Just some shots recapping a fun event with Kyusho Instructors from around the world. We have Instructors from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Canada and the US... helping folks see how Kyusho fits in any style.

These Great instructors will be working wit the new Modular System in Kyusho, that will help many more of you become Licensed Kyusho instructors quicker.This will help spread the Reality of Kyusho with Real Kyusho.

This training film on Platinum and Patreon are helping the public become more comfortable with Kyusho and it's diversified capabilities.

Thanks to (Left to Right): Steve Lynch (Canada), Gary Rooks - Ohio (USA), Hermann Woodtli (Switzerland), Tom Gallo - New York (USA),Rob Frappier (Canada), Cody Robyn - Massachusetts (USA), John Hagman - Massachusetts (USA), Mike Hecert - Massachusetts (USA), Max Mailinger (Austria), Evan Pantazi - Massachusetts (USA), Daniel Riess (Germany).





For Video Clips of the Instructors with Kyusho Explanation and Application... 


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