Knee'em in the face

Following along with the Kata, after the fist and palm salute descend toward the Hara, we then drop into a "Cat Stance" (Neko Ashi Dachi). This can be a backup for the prior Kyusho attack method as we can never count on the actions of an opponent and must be able to follow their continued attack or defensive actions.

One of the benefits of Kata practice is that we can develop a transitional flow according to the opponents spontaneous actions. Using the process of Tegumi (passive Aggressive continuous transitional flow drill methodology, we can develop the muscle memory to reduce response time. This also helps us convert reactionary actions as opposed to the more efficient responsive actions from consistent practical application.

Reaction vs. Response

As Oyata's Tomari Passai is a softer more fluid exercise than most other styles counterparts (Basai, Bassai Dai, Bassai Sho, Etc. This fluid movement adds...

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affect on the Kyusho Target in the private extended sections below.

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