Where did Tai Chi and Kata begin

Jacob Mcclintock So interesting how you see a lot of the taichi long form movements in seisan/hangetsu kata. I wonder if it came from Tai chi, or if there is at least some common root.

Evan Pantazi Sir, I do not think we will ever know... and quite honestly, with Kyusho it no longer matters. There are no elders that can or will give out the real information from a style, but even that boat has sailed.

We have the understanding now that it is not the style that is as important, it is the tools and targets that are. The reason I say that is all styles contain the same actions, postures, moves etc. Some have been stylized over the years and are falling away from even the founders ways... look at the old black and white films compared to today.

But where did all the forms come from, was it China, or was it India before that, or even Egypt before that... we will never know for sure as that has been lost to time. As long as we know how to use them and can now correctly help future generations understand and pass them on intact, we have done our job and fulfilled or missions.

Style/s can be replaced, changed or modified... but the underlying anatomy, physiology and functionality can not.   -ep



#Kyusho  -ep