Better for Kyusho

Documented as far back as 1935, Gichen Funakoshi (Founder of Shotokan), detailed in his book "Karate-Do Kyohan" how to make a proper Old Fist (before regulation and sportification) changed it into the New Fist used in modern Karate-Do. The new fist muted the power and destructive potentials of the Old Fist as was needed for greater safety.

This specialized but forgotten or ignore tool, has far more use and potential for the Kyusho practitioner.

  • More weapons
  • More mobility
  • Better Energy Transfer
  • More accuracy
  • Greater penetration

More weapons include the easier use of more knuckles and smaller penetrating surfaces, but the popularity of sport karate made the Funakoshi fist inappropriate to use and eventually it was forgotten by the practitioners. As the delivered energy and penetration decreases as the impact area increases... this was adapted for safer Kumite as well as sport tendencies.

This fist is typical for Kyusho practitioners, but not only Kyusho... as the image of Mohammed Ali with Sugar Ray Leonard in the film shows Ali, understood the power of the Funakoshi Fist. No wonder he "Floats like a butterfly and stung like a bee"... a bee sting is a sharp penetrating insertion that activates the nerves.






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