Well Not Really

There are many reasons 5% of people do not respond to the pain of Dojo Kyusho... but it does not mean that they are invincible... you just need to know Real Kyusho better.

First we are all the same in that we have the same nerves, organs, bones, etc., however they are shaped, placed or constructed differently in all.

As example some people have denser muscles than others, or thicker bones, all add to needed process to access the nerves.  As the nerves run along side, in between or underneath muscles, bones and tendons, denser muscle of bone makes their access more difficult.

Or in some people, although they have the same nerves, they travel a slightly different path.  As example when we were conducting Cadaver research in the head and neck nerves, the head Doctor pointed out something he had not seen before. The cadavers subclavian nerve did not run under the back of the collar bone, in this individual it had crossed over the top and front of the bone.  The nerve was the same,it just grew in a different path.

Another reason is pain tolerance, those that have higher pain tolerance are less susceptible to the affects pain have on the body... again these are less than 5% of the populace.

And there are even some that have trained to take concussion or are naturally balanced physically that can also absorb the affects of Kyusho more readily.  However this does not mean they are invincible to Kyusho.

So what is a Kyusho Practitioner to do?

Well first don't panic if they do not pass out with your punch to their facial nerve... you still punched them in the face and what all typical Martial Arts do, so you are no worse off.  And never practice static hit watch type Kyusho we see so many do... train to fight, with Kyusho added... 95% of the time you will be far more efficient and have many fold increase in the affects of your attacks.  Nothing is 100%... we have even heard the stories of people being shot 5 or 6 times and still keep coming... if a .40 cal x 5 doesn't drop them what will?

Body Types

Also some folks that do have a high tolerance to nerve work on the upper body, have a very weak lower body. This is one reason we work our attacks as much as possible to the leg,body and head and in that order.  Say Hulk comes at you and you blast them in the upper body,head or neck but it does not drop them...well you better be good at fighting and grappling.  But if 95% or the non-responders to upper body attacks are weak on the lower body... well isn't that a better place to start?

Iron Shirt

This can be mental or physical in application, whereas the recipient (knowing what will occur) can mentally brace for the impact and negate much of the Kyusho attack.  However with surprise, this diminishes exponentially (see balance below).  Other condition their bodies with repetitive blows that they learn to tolerate and withstand... this too can be overcome (see balance below).


Resistance can be asserted only because there is a solid base in the structure, grounding is another term bandied about.  But has more to do with balance than anything else, when a body is struggling to find that balance and base they are vulnerable to other sensory input.  This is one reason the Kyusho International curriculum is based on moving models, whereas most Kyusho groups use static application.

Multiple Repetitions

Also most people can block a telegraphed or even quick strike... but when you launch many the difficulty again diminishes rapidly.  Add staggered timing, pressures, trajectories and it becomes exponentially harder with each additional influence or addition.

Blood Attacks

Everyone passes out off a blood choke, no matter how Hulk-ian they may be. Well that was the reason we study nerve and blood attacks, never pressure points.  The recent Tensho and Seiunchn videos show how you can learn to access both, so if your entry to the nerve system does not stop them, your attack on their blood just follows.

Anatomy is Best

Learning Anatomy (real anatomy, not theoretical pressure points) and physiology is far superior a process for self protection.  When you study this way as in the Kyusho International Program, you always have backup.  This is also why our practitioners are far better at Kyusho than in other groups, we train real structures in real ways.

We Are Here to Help You:  

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We are here to help you past these difficulties and learn Real Kyusho to a higher degree.  We can also personally tailor it to your needs and physical abilities and or styles... not with confusing or unrelated jargon or methods, just simple anatomy, physical training and correct application.





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