Neck Crank

All Kata applications could be and probably were Fatal for the opponent, as they were designed to document the most powerful actions in a style.

There are several ways to apply the Neck Crank, however Kyusho adds not only efficiency, but also an ability to disable an opponent without injury.This is perfect for our modern and litigious society as we can protect ourselves with less legal ramification. This will also help the modern ring fighter understand safe yet effective possibilities to best their opponent without inflicting damage.

As we applied the prior action in the Kata of the Hawaiian Triangle, our next Kata action is a minor hand crossing (Juji Uke), into a split hand posture (As seen in other Kata such as Hangetsu, Saifa, etc.). This action targets two nerves to weaken the neck and control the opponent, those being the Mental Nerve and the opposite side branch of the Great Aricular Nerve.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affect on the Kyusho Target in the private extended sections below.

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