Bao Quan (抱拳)

The literal translation is "Fist Wrapping", this is is a common "etiquette" derived from (but not exclusive to) Chinese Martial Arts or the more Chinese influenced Kata of Okinawa and less of Japan. It is not considered a Bow, but rather more of a salute. But as we see in the prior topic on Kyusho-ized Passai, the "Salute" is taken down from the original "Salute" down past the belt line as contact is maintained.

  • Standing upright, the body straight.
  • Clenching the right fist.
  • Straighten your left palm to have your four fingers in a plane.
  • Wrap the left four fingers together around the right fist.
  • Hands and arms drop past Belt Line,maintaining contact.

In the Okinawan Karate styles, they were adamant that their forms always contained practical uses for every action or posture. That said, no greeting or symbolic gesture would be considered practical. And as there are no wasted movements each action performed would be utilized as a self-defense application. So where we saw the upper posture contained many protective applications, so too must the dropping action.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affect on the Kyusho Target in the private extended sections below.

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