Monkey in Suparempi

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Influenced by Shaolin

It is common knowledge that the Okinawan Martial Arts was heavily influenced bu the Chinese methods derived from Shaolin.

Within the ancient Bubishi, there are 3 Shaolin Hands, that can be found as the basis of the Old Monkey Style from China. These specialized hands migrated from China, to Okinawa, Japan and on to many other South Eastern Countries. So did some of the Monkey postures, as seen in the fighting sequences of the Bubishi.

These postures imitated the way the Monkeys (all types of monkey and apes), played, worked and attacked. In this application we are researching a posture that resembles the Goju Suparempi action at the end of that Kata. By applying the tools and targets of Kyusho (found in the Bubishi), we can work a powerful counter to an opponents attack.

To Learn the Kyusho Application... 


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