It seems Mike Tyson knew Kyusho

No he didn’t call it Kyusho, however he did say that he knew of key points on the body that he was instructed in to target to cause the knockout. And in fact in his first and second title fights, he achieved a knockout using one of the targets he was shown b his trainer Cus D'Amato.

Now we have an video proof from an old interview aired backin the 1980's on national TV, where he stated that he learned the specific target that he used to knockout, Trevor Berbick to win his first title fight (the youngest person ever (20) to accomplish this win and title of Heavy Weight Champion). He also stated that his instructor that his training instructor was a master of anatomical "Vital Points". When we look back at this particular trainer we find he also instructed many other different champion fighters, but we haven’t found their admissions so far.

However we must understand that the same trainer would be training each of his boxers in the same way. Oscar De La Hoya another boxer from many years ago, made a public admission in a Playboy Magazine article, that he knew several vital targets on the body that would knockout an opponent. We even saw him targeting several as well as landing several to drop his then opponent Antonio Vargas down to the mat.

From MMA we had the several time Champ, Chuck Liddel use Kyusho to also knockout several opponents and win the fights. Kyusho is not new it is a very old science, those that knew it didn’t make it publicly known or desire to form a public educational service. They as the Karate Masters of Old, didn’t want everybody to know Kyusho, they wanted to keep it secret for their fighters to have the advantage. And of course when the purses grew in these Championship Public Fights, it was even more closely held. So for those skeptical that Kyusho could not be used in a real fight (or a sport fight they believe to be real), they need look no further than to re-examen the fights of the past to see it demonstrated, be it intentional or not.

We owe it to ourselves and future generations of Martial Artists, to understand our history, our heritage and our styles founding. Kyusho is the technology that will allow us to pass on this information as well as document it, as we’re doing here on In the extended version we are going to show you the full interview which I can’t do in the public forum because of copyright limitations, but we’re going to show you the interview where Tyson makes the admission,as well as dissect some of his fights (especially the first two Championship Wins against Berbick and Michael Spinks), where he wins using the same Kyusho target. We will also show you \other targets he downed opponents with in these fights, with an Anatomical breakdown of each that he used to cause the knockouts.

So stay tune the extended versions here on YouTube also available in and also of course in the full Kyusho education in the Platinum Subscription at where all the information is readily available.

This film interview of Mike Tyson discussing his Kyusho on a national television interview was submitted by Elena Slobodyan to Tom Gallo and finally to me. Thank you both for leading me into this research for this video.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affect on the Kyusho Target in the private extended sections below.

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