White Crane - Black Tiger

Kyusho in Siu Nim Tau - Tegumi (in the Platinum Subscription)

Here is yet more correlation of Wing Chun to the Bubishi: This KO is not only in Wing Chun (White Crane) but also in the Kata Gojushiho (Black Tiger)... it is not coincidence, Kyusho will help you see more of what's inside.

In this excerpt from a side camera during the filming process, this is one of 9 Kyusho knockouts within the two man fighting drill.  It is the action of the chain punching at the end of Sui Nim Tao, a derivative of the White Crane Style of fighting.  But the same action is also depicted in the Useishi or Gojushiho (54 Steps of the Black Tiger Boxing form).  We can see this similar action performed by Hohan Soken in this historic footage at 0:17 with the rolling hands, similar to the Sui Nim Tao ending.


When you Study Kyusho

The world of the Martial Arts opens up to you... as you begin to see the similarities as opposed to differences or closing your mind to them.  We need to remember that Karate had ties to Chinese Martial Arts as well as other Asian influences not just Okinawan and Japanese.  And as we have documented many times here on Kyusho.com, the old masters like Hohan Soken,Mabuni, Funakoshi, Fujita, Itosu, Matsamura Nabe all knew Kyusho and documented it.  We are even now tracing Yip Man's knowledge of Kyusho (Dim Hsueh, Dim Mak)... if these great Masters held Kyusho and the Bubishi so reverently, so too should the Modern  Martial Artist and You.

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