There is a Difference

Knowing the real structure and how it works, will increase your skill exponentially.

Unfortunately most Kyusho-Ka's are stuck in the "Pressure Point" paradigm and will never reach their full potential.  It is not due to their physical abilities, but more the targets themselves.

These practitioners also believe targets are similar in dysfunctional potential, especially two close to the other.  However this is not true as the structure, location and side affects all warrant deeper research.

As the example in the film depicts the M-HN-18 (sorry misnamed in the video as 14... probably as I have not used pressure points for many years and I just forgot), and the ST-5 lay within inches of each other.

So people believe they have the same potential, but they do not as they are completely different nerves that affect different parts of the brain.  With different parts of the brain being targeted, you will get different physiological and functional affects.

As the blog and videos in the subscription service have been progressing, the subscriber is being lead on a deeper and deeper journey into the workings of the human being.  As it is released in separate and smaller sections, it is easier to digest and practice between new releases of information.

It is evident in actual course evaluations, to see who is on this deeper journey and who is not.  The skill escalation of subscribers is far greater than those that do not dig deeper into the materials sourced here.

This film is one small example, some will not get to the end, some will watch the whole film, yet not integrate it into their study.  Then there are those that do both and gain more skill and affect... and yet fewer that will integrate both in study and practice more lessons together for even greater potential.

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