Masters-1999Meet the Masters 1999

In 1999 I invited Several Masters of the Martial Arts I was involved in at the time, to North Andover, Massachusetts for a convention of mixed styles.

Unfortunately the great Wally Jay, one of the feature Masters was taken ill and in his stead both Ed Melaugh and Leon Jay attended and taught.

Others were Master George Mattson (Uechi Ryu), George Dillman (Ryu Ku Kempo), Remy Presas (Modern Arnis), Alix Lavaud (Wing Chun) and more.

175 people attended this event making it highly successful seminar, awards ceremony, banquet and Martial Arts Demonstration.

In this film we present over 20 Kyusho KO's by students I was instructing at the time as well as Leon Jay.

It is an old film so please pardon the quality... and enjoy this trip back in history.

Please also note the short description of the possibility of attacking the "cranial nerve" as opposed to "Pressure Points".

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