A Great year for Kyusho


New levels in Kyusho

Cody Robyn 6th - John Hagman 6th - Michael Hebert 6th - (ep) - Marshall Wolff 6th - Anthony Rotella 4th - Jamie Evans 4th - Tom Gallo 4th


I am fortunate enough to have taught Kyusho in 45 Countries, working with Kyusho Practitioners of many organizations and levels.  I have seen Kyusho from all of the more prominent players, but have never seen even close to the skills these men above displayed and train regularly.

I first met the group above back in 1999 when I hosted the "Meet the Masters" course in Massachusetts with 175 participants.  They began regular training schedule (missing only 3 sessions in all those years... my fault for traveling).  In addition they regularly teach and train together in between sessions.. too much Kyusho you ask.... no all is fine, actually exceptional.

All of them have worked to advance Kyusho throughout the years, traveling to courses, participating in Medical and Scientific research projects even helping me in Videos and all the necessary training and research (not to mention pain, dysfunction and altered states of consciousness).  And boy do they give it back as I am fortunate to have them as my personal training partners... they are damn good at it!

I want you to know who they are and what they are doing for Kyusho around the world as they subject themselves to the research and training advancements continually.

On Saturday December 17th, they were involved in a testing for their next levels in Kyusho.  They displayed the most realistic and advanced Kyusho I have ever seen (and I have seen most methods), the one testing, included non-compliant application for stand-up and ground fighting as well as multiple simultaneous attacks in a way that only this group have accomplished so far.

I know it sounds as if I am bragging about them and I AM, no theory, no BS Pressure Points, just hitting, grabbing and incapacitating skills were displayed... we do not just give away paper diplomas and belts to people as most do, they are put through hell to earn their levels.

Congratulations Guys

And thank you for helping bring real Kyusho to life and advancing it for everyone.

#Kyusho -ep