"Nothing is more harmful to the world as a martial art that is not effective in actual self-defense"

- Choki Motobu

Ahh the words of a true Master... yet today we see more and more ineffective postures, actions and techniques being forwarded for such powerful Karate postures.

If this is used as a block for an incoming blow, it will be weak and therefore ineffective.  If it were instead used as a grabbing or seizing action (yes they are different meanings), it has greater value... but once Kyusho is utilized with this action, it becomes a devastating attack as well as possibly fatal application.Mostly these mis-understood actions are given the term "Block" as in the Marote Uke being an "Augmented Block"... as we see the Master Motobu demonstrating for the camera here.


Sure we can block with it if we are in a sport or demonstration where looks are more important than protection, we can just repeat the instructor just to pass our next level exam, or we can really learn the myriad of other powerful self protection possibilities that Kyusho enables in the true Martial Artist.  Kyusho Enable so much more potency and power to your Karate Kata.

Some examples covered in the film, but there is no limit to the possibilities.

Grabbing - The Arm can be grabbed by the wrist and elbow, rotated upward and lifted to separate the shoulder or press the individual back for loss of balance or foot sweep.

Throwing - Grabbing the Arm to pull down, or even as a Judo throw.

Seizing - This posture could be the action of the closing fist to attack vital nerve structures of the arm and wrist.

Tearing - This is tearing inner vascular tissues or structure to cause permanent damage.

Dislocation - By seizing the arms never structures, you can weaken the opponent or damage the joints.

Striking - This posture could also be a double striking action on nerve and/or blood structures in the opponent to overwhelm, incapacitate or kill.

More.... (Click this link for additional film and explanation of this dangerous application)

These are just a few examples of how Kyusho brings your Karate Kata to a higher and more infinite level.  Contact us at This Link so we can help you learn the Kyusho to deepen your Karate Kata's potentials.


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