Salzburg, Austria

May 12 - 13, 2018


The Living Bubishi Tour

  • Real Kyusho - Real Anatomy
  • White Crane Nerve Attacks of Tensho
  • Black Tiger Blood Attacks of Seiunchin


Max Maislinger has been hosting yearly Kyusho events for many years... This year it is a 3 day course one day of which is private for Kyusho International affiliates only.  We will be training a new program that has never been made public, but will have vast ramifications in the future not only in Kyusho but many other systems.

The Public Course on Saturday and Sunday is always a great event,well attended and perfected in all details from signing in, timing,even the arranged lunch... just a great venue.

This years public sessions is a deep study of the Bubishi and it's relevance for all styles.



Friday May 10th - KI Affiliates only - Contact Max at: 

Saturday May 11th - Open to all people and styles: The White Crane Nerve Attacks of Tensho in Tools, Targeting, Tuite and Tegumi.

Sunday May 11th - Open to all people and styles:  The Black Tigers Blood Attacks of Seiunchin in Tools, Targeting, Tegumi

We hope to see you there.


#Kyusho  -ep


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