Sanchin Kyusho Tegumi

Part 16 in a Continuing Series

n the last segment we worked on the Striking aspects of the Crane from the Wauke movement. Going into this action now, when you're working with the Tiger aspects, the tiger is more of a grasping, seizing, compressing and constrictive action. Whereas the Crane is outward concussion and expansive action.

Going into this technique, the first half is explained in greater detail in the Sanchin Course film that I did earlier. I'm not going to explain that part of the technique as it is quite intensive, however this section will be a powerful, quick self defense action that can stand alone.

As we move into the attacker, pushing down onto their arms, they are in a position to wrap the inner aspect of the Blood Pool Hand behind their neck, to pull the person in for that prior seizing action. Then Seizing into the Carotid Sinus, or nerves of the neck and or throat with the seizing aspect of the thumb in both hands. One tears downward as the other pulls or pushes up. This action of using the Iron Claw, The Iron Sword or Single Blade of Grass as opposed to using the atypical palm formation, converts the application into a seizing, compressive and constrictive action of the Black Tiger. (In comparison to the outward, expansive, concussive ballistics that you saw in the last week's film on the White Crane.

As the Pangainoon, (later named Uechi in honor of the man that brought the Pangainoon system from China to Okinawa), system was developed in three specific animal attributes. The White Crane, which is the Yang outward concussive type of attack, the Black Tiger, which is the pulling, seizing grasping, constrictive and compressive actions...

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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