Reverse Thinking

You can use the Kyusho Reverse Striking to double the possibilities in each move in your style.

So what is reverse striking, in short it is using the Yin or Negative mechanical function, rather than the Yang or positive function. So instead of throwing your fist outward away from your body to concuss the opponent, it is withdrawn toward yourself to enact the concussive action.

As an example, we could find ourselves in a clenched position with hands on the opponents shoulders. We can use the back of the knuckles to strike a rear or side target toward their front and back toward ourselves. It can also mean twisting the fist upside down to correctly access a Kyusho Target as well as gain the correct trajectory.

An example of the rotating fist can be found in Wing Chuns Bon Sao (using more the Fook Sao hand posture), or in Southern Praying Mantis' Ginger Fist Posture (using the back of the first two knuckles).

More on the reverse Kyusho striking with demonstration and anatomical breakdown of targets in the private extended sections below.

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