When a Bow is not a Bow

The opening salute or Bow in a form or Kata in the Martial Arts is considered a simple gesture of reverence, respect, honor etc., but not as a deadly Martial Application. From a simple grab of the neck and headbutt to the opponent, to a grappling process or method, the opening bow of Kata Passai (Tomari/Oyata version depicted), is meant to incapacitate or end the opponent.

There are many Kyusho targets we can apply, depending on the opponents actions, relative size to the practitioner, your personal skill in a target and of course the correct application of tool to target and trajectory. In today's society complete destruction of the opponent is a legal quagmire, that the practitioner must strive to avoid. So what is a good target that will instantaneously incapacitate the opponent without the permanent or observable damage.

Learn the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affect on the Kyusho Target in the private extended sections below.

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