Breaking Down The Fortress

Bassai and so many Kata have the augmented blocking posture, with the outer block and inner palm to assist.  However each move in a Kata can have as many possibilities as you can create and with Kyusho added, even more are possible.

So let's take a deeper look at this action from Bassai and extrapolate a nice ground fighting Arm Lock and submission, called the "Americana".  This is a direct lock from this posture, but now we will add the Kyusho to enhance the lock.

On the outer side of the biceps, it is possible to access the Radial Nerve by pressing the Radial Bone of our forearm into the Radial Nerve of the opponents (provide a secured lock and base have been initiated).  This is vital to the success of the lock if the opponent is stronger than you and they force their elbow down toward the mat.  By applying compressive pressure one the Radial Nerve as well as stretching it as the forearm rotates, this will weaken the opponents arm and allow the lock to set and submit the opponent.

However with Kyusho, there are always other targets readily available as the opponent attempts to withdraw from the pain, they expose even more targets.  In this case the neck opens for the elbow pressure to be applied.  The pressure on the front of the Sternocleidoid muscle, when compressed with the rotation of the elbow (as well as position), will cause altered states of consciousness.  The leverage of the arm bar and motion or the posture allows a deeper torquing power to cause pain, weakening, dysfunction and fainting.

Katas are a manual or arms for many varied fighting situations, but with Kyusho they become and encyclopedia as the efficiency, affects and possibilities are all maximized.

Bassai translates to breaking down a fortress, the fortress is the strength of the opponent that dissipates when you seek the cracks in that fortress... these are the nerves of the body and the targets of Kyusho.

This is just one of many great fighting methods that Kyusho unlocks in Kata, it was the vital point of Kata lost through time.  You can bring it back in your Kata and for future generations.

Fulfill your styles potential, train with Kyusho.


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