When is a Parry Not a Parry

When we look at our Martial Arts, Style, Actions, Postures, Etc., we often only see one idea, method or possibility. Most stylists also use mostly defensive moves prior to an offensive action (if they even get the chance), leaving greater opportunity for the opponent.

There are several Martial Styles (mostly the grappling or pushing arts), that use the opponents own force, strength, attack, against them. But very few striking styles employ this method. The striking stylist typically utilizes a defensive action with a following offensive action and can often find this gives a skilled opponent more attacking opportunity.

By using the incoming action of the opponent toward us, we can overcome their attack with an instant offensive action, letting them run into that attack. Using Kyusho, to allow the opponent to impale themselves....

More on the Kyusho's Impaling method in the private extended sections below.

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