Pressure Points or Anatomy and Physiology.

John and I discuss the affects of Kyusho and even knockouts on an anatomical and physiological basis.

Other topics are

  • Oyata's way of teaching.. follows the traditional path of Soken, Fujita, Funakoshi, Mabuni and so many other early Masters.
  • Styles discussed are Karate, Silat, Arnis, Jujitsu as well as Civilian and Law Enforcement applications.
  • Cognition and Neuro pathway development.
  • Sanchin, Nai Hanchi, Seiunchin, Bubishi.
  • Affects of stress and adrenaline as well as the best way to train the Kyusho.





Follow these links for an extended discussion on Anatomical and Physiological Kyusho Explanation and Application... 


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