September 2017

Angus, Ontario (Canada)

The public dissemination of the Neurological and Vascular Kyusho methods in Tensho and Seiunchin (Electrical and Hydraulic systems) of the human body was initiated.  These two Kata represent a means to illustrate the power of real Kyusho and the keys that unlock it as found in the ancient Bubishi.

The founder of Goju-Ryu once stated that the Bubishi was the Bible of Karate and this course was designed to illustrate exactly why that may have been.

Using one key in the Bubishi to unlock yet another, yields a powerful potential for the practitioner in the know.

The training encompassed Targeting, Tools, Tuite, Tegumi... from the Tensho all performed with nuerological striking (no not on pressure points,it was on real structures).

The Seiunchin training encompassed Seizing, Striking, Sealing and Stabbing attacks on the blood and organs, again real structures and not mythical pressure points and pinpoint accuracy.  Again the Tools, Targets and Trauma were induced in Tegumi drills (two man fighting sets) for striking, counters, grappling, kicks and clinches.

Two Dan grades of training condensed in two days.

As a Special Surprise we met with Hanshi Cezar Borkowski, a most gracious and humble Hanshi at that... a real pleasure sir!

Just missed Hanshi Patrick McCarthy up in Montreal at the time.

More photos at the end of the film clip above, thanks to all that participated.


Hosts Kyusho Canada Rob Frappier and Steve Lynch, with thanks from all... watch for next years event.

These were filmed prior to taking the informational training program on the road and will be released first to's crowd fund clients, then to our Platinum Members and then to the world through Budo International in 2018 & 2019.  Or attend the actual training of this incredible process... we separate the myth rom the reality.



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