The 6 Ji Hands of Gokenki

六つの風手 (六気手)
Rokkishu translates into 6 hands (as seen in the ancient Bubishi as the 6 Ji Hands) and originated in Chinese Martial Arts.  It is widely thought to be the precursor of the Goju Ryu form called "Tensho".  (Image:  Gokenki performing at left, Kenwa Mabuni watching to right).  
What is presented in this film is two fold, first is the Gokenki lineage form called Rokkishu, handed down from Gokenki (Wu Xian Gui) to Eiku Chun who in turn passed it on to his son Yun Chun.  Yun Chun is a friend and mentor of Gary Rooks and has graciously passed this rare form down to him.  Gary  has passed it along to me and in turn you with this first part of a collaborative effort.
We are working this form in a unique way that will give you the deeper understanding of the dual arts of Kyusho and Dim Mak.  These two separate skills that many claim are the same are in reality quite divergent and different.  It is not based on TCM, nor does it even target the pressure points of acupuncture or acupressure as they are also different paradigms and anatomical structure.
This first release Evan Pantazi uncovers the hand positions and the possible Dim Mak targets that can be attacked.  You will see the real affects of lighter attack on these dangerous targets and how the affects are different on the recipient.  You will also learn the 3 additional blood revivals (one never before taught and vital for heavier Dim Mak applications).  The next release will be Gary Rooks and the Electrical (nerve) components of Kyusho... with explanation of the importance of the form in conjunction so you can achieve greater results.  You will also see the affects in actual application to more fully understand the impact on the recipient.
Now we are using this Kata as it is referring to 6 hands as in the Bubishi, This form is not listed in the Bubishi and is not even a White Crane form or derivative.  It is a rare form however it is not the focus of this film presentation... the main information lay in the introduction to real Dim Mak.  You will see in this exclusive 3 hour film the effects and the revivals needed for this potential... this is exclusive to our Platinum Subscribers and will not be made public in it's entirety outside this subscription.  We have decided that the deeper skills and method of Dim Mak must remain underground in an exclusive one on one instructional basis.  However this information should let the subscriber know that Dim Mak is not Kyusho and vice versa... the intended goal.
We strongly urge you to use caution as the affects do last for days and sometimes weeks just with light application.  The heavier applications performed have yielded devastating and debilitating issues, even with the proper revivals applied as Dim Mak adversely affects the individual and the physiology.  Again we are only using the vascular system in these attacks that although more intrusive than the nerves are still not the full scope of real Dim Mak.


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