Golden Fist

Translation; Gold Fist is a form brought from China by Master Pai, to US shores where it was taught in his family style. This is but one of many forms passed along, but of major importance as it is filled with unique and diverse postures.   The very topic of Kin Ken causes controversy, questions and even angst from many people. Why would a Kata cause that much concern, what is it about this particular Kata that have so many trying to keep it secret. It is after all just a Kata isn’t it?   What make this Kata so special is the sheer diversity, adaptability and even the innate beauty of the motions. That it is rare advanced in physical coordination skills and packed with incredible possibility is of course a bonus.

As the very name implies there is something special about the hand methods of the Kata, energy or highly advanced technical applications.   Methods of Bone Breaking, Muscle and Tendon Attacks, Nerve Attacks, Organ Striking, Blood Attacks, Sealing the Breath, Joint Manipulations, Energy Projection and so much more are at the very soul of this fist method. This form is filled with the secrets of Dim Mak (Kyusho Jitsu) that was held so secretly by the families of original Chinese and Okinawan Arts. Even a specialty of Master Pai for which he was renowned, his grasping and tearing methods, are interspersed throughout the body of this rare form.

All of these methods mentioned are secretly contained in each posture, each move, even in the transitions from posture to posture. But even though displayed in full view the key to unlocking these techniques still remain in obscurity as they were not readily discussed or taught. From the very first opening Salutation, the information and complexities of attacking the body’s internal structures were transmitted and passed from generation to generation. And according to the ability and favor of the student with the Teacher deeper levels could be passed along.

See the original version of the old Kata (not the George Dillman Version - of which there are many)... 


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