4 Directional Blood Chokes

The hand posture pictured is a common action in most Karate Styles. It appears in many an advanced Kata with a few variations depending on the style.

The hands are placed in an X shape and holds many possibilities. But many are also too complex for actual combative use, relegated only to the Dojo experimentation realm.

The action must be simple fast, powerful, incapacitating and most of all, be reliable in working with a non compliant opponent working just as hard to escape as you are to submit them.

The 4 blood chokes in this course are based only on nerve and blood targets, not using the Gi or other leveraged applications. It is based solely on accessing the weaker anatomical targets of the opponent. The targets and directional force may be applied in most fighting or escaping needs from distance striking, to the clinch to the grappled and ground fighting applications,so the not only give greater meaning and potential to Karate Kata practitioners, but to all Fighting Styles.


Film on the Correct Anatomical Structure, Different Trajectories and Actual Affects... 28 Minutes

For the full class film - 53 minutes of instruction


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