Iron Sand Palm

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SJPA_Iron_Man_1 (1)Everyone has a favorite...

Tool that is used for Kyusho targeting and application on an opponent.

Well lets go back in time into an ancient manual called the Bubishi (yes again... it's that important)... where 6 hand positions were described.  The are labeled the 6 Ji Hands (which means 6 energy hands... Click here for details).

This may be labeled many things like the Iron Sand Palm of the Bubishi, Iron Palm (shortened descriptor), the Vibrating Palm (not because the palm vibrates on contact, but because of the ripples or vibrations that follow).  It has also many other names like exploding palm (aptly named due to energetic release), etc., but it is not the name that is important, it is the affect it causes.  On an earlier post about trajectory we discussed the differences of hitting the exterior of the body and it causing an effect on the shell and limited internal objects, but with correct trajectory it can cause a greater amount of effect on the central nervous system.

The energy involved is a kinetic energy that is manifested from a motion that creates an energy transference into the object it lands on.  In this weapon we use an exploding type of kinetic energy transfer to cause an expansion and then contraction of an organ as example.  The hit into say the heart will cause this expansion at first with all the strain on that organ and valves therein, followed by a quick contraction releasing it.  But then just like throwing a stone in the water, or a better example slapping a bowl of gelatin, there is a series of expansions and contractions that also follow for an undetermined time depending on density of the gelatin as well as the energy of the strike.

This is a nervous reflex much like shivering or shaking from fear.  Shaking is a result of an activated fight or flight system – an evolutionary tool that's meant to keep you safe in times of danger. During intense anxiety, your body is flooded with adrenaline/epinephrine. Adrenaline is pure energy, and your body shakes as a result.  When the body experiences an internal disruption such as this energetic strike can do to an organ, it will enact this primal fight or flight release and therefore shaking or vibrations continuing.

This exploding type energetic, that releases the shock wave, works differently on hard or soft targets (where the target is located such as hard skull or soft abdomen as example).  When you hit soft target such as the abdomen, the vibration is a slower longer wave pattern, whereas hitting a hard backed target such as a nerve on the jaw, will reverberate of the hard and shallow surface faster making the energetic wave pattern shorter and faster in the vibratory manifestation.

To make a correct palm strike for this effect, you will need to extend the palm only ahead of the fingers as the fingers are left loose and the palm is pulsed forward with fingers trailing. This concentrates your full energetic action into a smaller area and with a quick release... and will cause the vibrations to travel more efficiently into the intended target/s.

Click Here for an example.

So much like our superhero friend Iron Man... if you watch that film you'll see what we mean.  This is just a glimpse of what this striking method is capable of, it will take a lot of practice and patience to develop this incredible tool... enjoy.






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  1. admin says:

    As a part of the 6 Ji Hands of the Bubishi there is something far more important than just the hand position, it is the transfer of kinetic energy. Especially when linked to the vital targets of the same manual… as example the CV-18 (many overlook in lieu of CV-17).

    However this energetic transfer into the correct target makes an incredible difference.

    Depicted with full anatomical explanation,visuals and demonstration and in the 3 hour film….

  2. craig lee says:

    The 6ji hands are amazing and can really change the effectiveness of any technique. To give or receive you can really feel,even hear the difference. However im not sure if im transferring the energy properly or at all for that matter.otber than intent how can i make sure im sending kinetic energy with the strike? And is there a measurable ammount im shooting for? Ive heard/read about leaving the message inside the opponent.?,is that because of the amount on energy is higher than say someone not as, Two people throw same strike with same amount of force but one is using intent and energy,a drastically different outcome would be expected. How can i confirm im doing this? And either way,how can i practice this?!

  3. admin says:

    In written word it will not translate, it must be hands on as you need to feel as much as accomplish… there really is no other way. You can train the actions,but for the feel, well you must from both sides.

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