Iron Palm...or the Most Advanced

The Iron Palm

OK this film clip was from the "Blood Sport" movie from 1988, it goes on to show the huge opponent stopping in his tracks, taking a few steps back and then falling completely unconscious or dead (Implied).

I know you are probably thinking; "it was just a movie so it isn't real", but let's look at it a bit as often times movies have glimpses of reality infused in them.

First he is being struck at the lower lobe of the liver, which will not only shock the organ, but the autonomic nerve system as well as the diaphragm.  The possible shockwave could also affect the kidney, stomach and intestines.

Sowith all that possible anatomical disturbance, how is it that a simple palm strike could affect them?  Well to be honest it is not a simple palm strike that would affect them unless incredible power (far beyond that of mortal men) would.  Look to the ancient Bubishi, yes I know you may be tiring of hearing about this book,but you should really be looking more closely at it.

In it lies a hand called the "Iron Sand Palm" AKA Iron Palm... the last hand.  Why do I call it the last hand...because it take a very long time to get it and then be able to apply it in high stress and mobile tactical response.

So how does one train it?

Well you need to start with flexibility, in the fingers and palm itself.  You do this by pulling back on all the fingers and thumb to extend the palm... then just after a while of daily work,start pressing the palm forward with fingers relaxed completely... By the way don't skip the first part and jump to the second as you will miss important training of all systems of the brain, CNS, muscle, bone, tendon, nerve, vascular and other tissues, also remember the value is in the process not an end result.

Once you have trined this a bit and become competent with both sections and it begins happening by itself (subconscious level), then you begin to pulse it forward, again practicing that daily for a few weeks (still haven't hit anything yet, wait for it).  Then start the pulse action two hands at a time, shooting the palms forward like Iron Man




First both together trusting forward, then in staggered timing, followed by simultaneous and staggered timed palms in multiple directions... each step training patiently for a couple of weeks on a daily basis.

Next we move to striking objects, flat walls or floors...easy.  Then move on to other objects like trees and or rocks, I personally like the Mook Joong (Wing Chun Wooden Dummy).  Once you begin to feel the strike as a transfer rather than a strike... get a big bowl, bucket or barrel and fill it with water (you can do it in a pool as well).  You are looking to get the palm to sink into the water with a heavy handed action (completely relaxed) so that there is no splash.  Once you get there, then you are ready to apply it against an opponent, but be very careful, the result can be impressive.  And if you work it on a partner, you damn well better be good at restoration and hit with caution.

If you get bored with this pace and process and just want to jump ahead for a new trick... go and do it, you will not reach it or your full potential and to be honest not worthy of it's skill.  And boy did you come to the wrong website!

Over the years we see people come and go because they get frustrated with the learning curve or they believe they have it all... then magically they fade in skill, then drive, then regression sets in.  Don't be like that, take your time, enjoy the feel of each endeavor, then build slowly taking more care in the process and not and end...

"cuz when you reach an end, it is the end".  - Evan Pantazi




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