History reports that when the Shaolin Temple was burned in the early 1700’s, most of the Shaolin monks were killed in an attack by the Qing Army. It is believed that 18 original Monks survived, but after being continually hunted down, only 5 were reported to have escaped. One of the five escaped into a city where he operated an “Incense Shop” and secretly taught his style.

Now this is not an historical recount, but rather a glimpse of a lesser known art made more popular by two modern day Martial Artists. One of these Modern Instructors recounted a personal journey seeking out the original Shaolin Temple and ended up supposedly finding the actual incense shop, of course with a descendant of the original Monk. During the filmed journey, the Master of the Incense Shop Boxing performed and taught a form the Modern Instructor stated was the original Seisan, as well as the oldest Kata in Karate History.

It was all fascinating except the scant few Bunkai offered and with no disrespect intended, these Bunkai or extrapolated “Self-Defense” moves, did not do justice to the heritage of the Shaolin Arts. These dojo tricks are more than adequate for a beginner, but not for a seasoned Martial Artist or enthusiast. No, we need better answers, especially in the Information Age. So it is in this regard that we offer a Kyusho-ized rendition of the actual movement of the form with the applied anatomical targets (Kyusho, Dim Mak, Dim Hush, etc.) and physiological affects.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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