Kyusho Summit 2017

This 7th Annual Kyusho course brought people in from several countries and all across the USA.

Each year we have increased the understanding, skill and range that Kyusho can help those in attendance can instantly use in need.

We have done away with the false paradigm of "Pressure Points" and based the courses (worldwide) on real anatomical structure, real physiological affect and real physical dysfunction.  The mumbo jumbo model of TCM is dead, real Kyusho killed it.

Steve Lynch 3rd level Certifying Instructor with Kyusho International

6th Dan Goju Ryu (performing Seiuchin)

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This years curriculum was segregated into 3 main categories and hands on training:

  • Kyusho Nerve Attacks
  • Instant KO Application
  • Dim Mak Blood Attacks
  • Dim Mak KO Applications



Nerve Attacks

We started the course as a public release of material that will be presented in a future production depicting the 6 Ji Hands or as they are named in Goju Ryu "Turning Palms" of Tensho Kata.  As a bit of additional information the "Ji" means wind or refers to how you move and use the and positions to transfer kinetic energy more efficiently into the Kyusho Targets.  The Turning in "Turning Palms" is the same action and deployment method.  These hands are integrated in all Karate Styles from Shotokan to Uechi-Ryu... they are the Key of the ancient text "Bubishi".

6th Degree Sensei Steve Lynch (Goju Ryu) of Angus Ontario Canada attended and assisted by demonstrating the Kata first.  It is a short but dynamic and electrifying Kata, performed to show those not familiar with Karate, Kata or Martial Arts, one of the bedrock training methods.  As Karate enters the next Olympic Games for the first time, you will see many Kata performed.  We are also preparing people to observe the Kata and understand more fully the possibilities and full martial scope as opposed to just the performance levels.

The training then proceeded into demonstrating and training the 6 hands as presented in the Kata on specific nerve targets on the body.  They were instructed stationary at first, with the proper target, hand application and assisted in restoring the physical affects of the Kyusho.

Next the bunkai (interpretation) of the Kata was trained with specific mobile attack - apply scenarios to give the practitioner more dynamic challenge and actual targeting skills.

The following segment was to work with what is called "Tegumi" or a pre-arranged passive aggressive continuous attack - apply grappling match... of course using all the tools (hands) and targets just trained.  This is a more rigorous training protocol that further integrates the Kyusho application to the practitioners subconscious reflexes... so the Kyusho is not a thinking process,but rather a natural reflex.  Very Dynamic, Exhausting and Enlightening training process.

To finish off Tom Gallo (click to contact) the Host and best Kyusho Instructor in the Tri-State region, along with another Canadian Kyusho Instructor Rob Frappier (click to contact) opened up the Kyusho KO fest.  This is where they experimented for the first time on KO's they have seen on YouTube or the Kyusho Subscription Service... but this time with all the attendees.  Wow what great success as we had, as even first timers to Kyusho, were dropping each other left and right.  By using real nerve targets instead of TCM acupuncture points helped them gain the instant response without the long learning curve.

Here are the Knockout attempts they made for the first time, then had all practitioners work (including first time to Kyusho at all).

We ended with a full body nerve reset massage so that those that trained were restored, balanced and could get a great night sleep (yes the nerve reset will help people gain a deep and relaxed sleep).


Blood Attacks

Day two of the course was designed to illustrate the real difference between Kyusho (Nerve Attack) and Dim Mak (Blood Attacks) and to train the practitioners in proper revival and restorations (they are different), methods as they are completely different.  Also to again dispel the false TCM acupuncture - pressure point model for each of these arts/skills.

Next 6th Degree Sensei Steve Lynch (Goju Ryu) of Angus Ontario Canada again assisted by demonstrating a nice Seiuchin Kata, not to teach the Kata but to again illustrate what is really possible withing the Katas.  This form is very special as it is a pure Dim Mak Kata.  It depicts the blood system of the body in a moving map as well as the way to apply the Dim Mak attacks to the system.  Please see this prior post for greater detail:

Again we applied the hand weapons in the Kata (same as in the prior day Kata 6 Ji Hands or Turning Palms), but this time to the blood targets working on training the practitioner show to properly target, access and manipulate these vital targets.  Stationary at first and again with revival, restoration and first aid methods that were so necessary.

We then added Bunkai training for more mobile target acquisition skills and self protective methods for attack and counter.

Then we seemed it all together in a more active "Tegumi" (see above description), that brought the targets, tools and trajectory of the applications more into a reflexive process than a technical application.

Several Blood KO's were applied successfully by all (even the first timers) with great success and safety.



The course ended with private testing as we train very aggressively in realistic fighting modality that we do not make public.  These were very advanced skill sets displayed and applied with fully affect on the opposition until a KO level 2 or better was achieved.  Some very advanced KO's were produced that only a handful of people in the world can accomplish... no, not the no touch or TCM crap, this was real combative fast hard application... only found in the Kyusho International® Training System©.


2018 Kyusho Summit

The 8th annual Kyusho Summit in New York, USA is already in planning with curriculum set.  The location, date and further details will be available at a later date...but do not miss it.  The travel is easy with a free shuttle to and from Laguardia airport, training in the same hotel as accommodations, pub and restaurant.  Instructors from several countries there to make more personal training time possible, you will not be lost in the crowd and that is why the people attending gained instant success.

Or just Contact Tom Gallo (Summit Host) at to be placed on the mailing list so you won't miss it.


Special Note:

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