The Real Story

Discussion Arranged by Mr.Thompson M (from YouTube)

A discussion with James Coffman, direct student of Hohan Soken and Fusei Kise, he reveals the facts about the fabled "Notes" and brings further light to real Kyusho, Shorinji vs. Shorin Ryu, George Dillman, Kyusho, Old Mans Karate, Body Change and more.

The charts and Notes are real and were from Hohan Soken, they were given to those that achieved Yondan level in the art.  They are created in an obscure manner so that exact location is purposely made difficult to locate... and training helped the practitioner use them properly.  The notes being more of a reference than a tutorial.

The charts fell into George Dilman by Ray Gunthier (to obtain favor from Dillman), they were not given to Dillman from Hohan Soken or Fusei Kise as the story is told.

We greatly appreciate Sensei Coffman for taking the time to clarify some important details.

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