arm-rubWhere, what, how...

Let's shine the light on another great anatomical Kyusho target that can have devastating affects (nope NOT a pressure point), but we will be applying pressure.

The area is comprised of two vital anatomical structures... the Medial Antebrachial Cutaneous Nerve (C8 - T1) and the Basillic Vein.

The nerve is what causes the pain in the above film... the artery caused the sweating and both are what caused the disruption of conscious thought and function.

But here is the rub... since it is not a pressure point, you will not find it in acupuncture charts, yet it works better than those targets marked as TW-12 and TW-11.  The target is in between those two "Pressure Points" and no.... it's not called TW-11.5.

If you are studying Kyusho and you use the "Pressure Points" you will not have found this great target that causes great dysfunction and alters the conscious state.

This target responds best to lateral pressured roll or turning, the base or stabilization of the limb is vital though so work this in many configurations and methods, I only presented a couple of them.

When the recipient is grounded the pain is greater than when not grounded... to what extent I leave that to you to work and feel,experience alone is the greatest teacher.


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