Where's the KO?

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Greg's Best Best

This question relates to Kyusho in general. In the recent UFC fight between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje, it looked like Justin nailed Tony a few times with punches to the head and neck that were in the right trajectory and with enough force to achieve some sort of neurological reaction. However, Tony for the most part, appeared unaffected. I've also seen a Muay Thai fight where one of the fighters "ate" repeated blows that ought to have ended the match, at least from a kyusho point of view. On the other hand, I've also seen fights where feather like touches or glancing blows have sent opponents crashing to the floor. Do you have any views on the first part of my question.


Evan Pantazi

Good question, I looked at the highlights and saw a few that were close, but not "On" in trajectory. You also need to know that power is not the factor, and the broad weapon of the fist is like using a stick as opposed to a knife, no penetration. As example ( https://youtu.be/ezxKbksNCTg?t=138 ) this rocked Furgeson, and it appears to have caught the facial nerve. However it was a glancing broad fist and pulled the nerve in an opposite direction. Had he used the Chuck Liddel trajectory, he probably would have dropped him.

Full Fight: Full Fight: https://youtu.be/mtjKnLT3G98


For the anatomical breakdown with proper target and trajectory....


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