Here is a preview of the Heart Revival and how it came about... this is never before released information and a must for every Kyusho Practitioner to know.

So many people do things either taught or seen on videos of others, but few know where it originated or why, nor have they ever needed it in a real situation.

Going even further very few were able to put an individual in this state, but after this small glimpse from the new Kyusho First Aid DVD set to release they will.

As an example, did you know how it became known as a "Heart Revival", did you know what else it remedies, did you know people that have used this in a real situation?

Or as an instructor, how to correct and explain to someone how you can make a claim of why it is a heart revival?

This is just a glimpse of the valuable information on this release... I know a sales pitch your thinking right?  Well yes it is, but what is being sold is safety, reality and common sense for all Kyusho practitioners.

This DVD series has opened Kyusho in a way never before shown by anyone as a unique set of techniques, explanations and in a stepped logical curriculum based methodology.  The information in these DVD's have been copied and duplicated by thousands around the world... a testament to their worth and ease of learning.  But more importantly they completely changed Kyusho forever... how can I say that... well as an example, no one ever did grappling on the ground with Kyusho until my first video on the subject, nor did they open the Mu & SHu points, a unique approach to bladed weapons and gun disarms, nor did they have a stepped curriculum  nor did they even know Iron Shirt, Compressions, 6 Ji Hand applications, the real Bubishi points!  Seizing is another new concept I pioneered .. wait theres more, what about the Intimacy (absolutely shocking), in short I have given you new ways to use Kyusho, simply and realistically through the years... and now I am saying this is the foundation you need for all of it!

I used to get upset others copied and claimed my methods for theirs and left the system, or just copied them from DVD's...  now I realize they needed to as the regular Martial Arts community used to make fun of Kyusho practitioners as being fake or lame in their approach. But through the global spread of this series, it has changed... Kyusho is real and will be taught in more realistic ways because of these DVD's

This was the last DVD I have produced for this series (there of course were several others included to draw in other stylists), but please realize it should be the foundation of all you do, and once yousee this DVD, yourKyusho will advance far beyond your current capabilities.  So after you watch it, go back and rework the skills of the other DVD's... they will all change as they advance.

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