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Here is a preview of the Heart Revival and how it came about... this is never before released information and a must for every Kyusho Practitioner to know.

So many people do things either taught or seen on videos of others, but few know where it originated or why, nor have they ever needed it in a real situation.

Going even further very few were able to put an individual in this state, but after this small glimpse from the new Kyusho First Aid DVD set to release they will.

As an example, did you know how it became known as a "Heart Revival", did you know what else it remedies, did you know people that have used this in a real situation?

Or as an instructor, how to correct and explain to someone how you can make a claim of why it is a heart revival?

This is just a glimpse of the valuable information on this release... I know a sales pitch your thinking right?  Well yes it is, but what is being sold is safety, reality and common sense for all Kyusho practitioners.

This DVD series has opened Kyusho in a way never before shown by anyone as a unique set of techniques, explanations and in a stepped logical curriculum based methodology.  The information in these DVD's have been copied and duplicated by thousands around the world... a testament to their worth and ease of learning.  But more importantly they completely changed Kyusho forever... how can I say that... well as an example, no one ever did grappling on the ground with Kyusho until my first video on the subject, nor did they open the Mu & SHu points, a unique approach to bladed weapons and gun disarms, nor did they have a stepped curriculum  nor did they even know Iron Shirt, Compressions, 6 Ji Hand applications, the real Bubishi points!  Seizing is another new concept I pioneered .. wait theres more, what about the Intimacy (absolutely shocking), in short I have given you new ways to use Kyusho, simply and realistically through the years... and now I am saying this is the foundation you need for all of it!

I used to get upset others copied and claimed my methods for theirs and left the system, or just copied them from DVD's...  now I realize they needed to as the regular Martial Arts community used to make fun of Kyusho practitioners as being fake or lame in their approach. But through the global spread of this series, it has changed... Kyusho is real and will be taught in more realistic ways because of these DVD's

This was the last DVD I have produced for this series (there of course were several others included to draw in other stylists), but please realize it should be the foundation of all you do, and once yousee this DVD, yourKyusho will advance far beyond your current capabilities.  So after you watch it, go back and rework the skills of the other DVD's... they will all change as they advance.

To pre-order this information go to:  http://www.kyusho.com/products/evan-pantazi/


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  1. admin says:

    For those of you that are aware or experienced enough in Kyusho there is one comment that may appear erroneous, however it is absolutely correct but for reasons not explained.

    So all you experience (or not), see if you can find that comment, then tell why it seems erroneous.

    And if you can also say why it isn’t… first one to guess correctly wins a free copy of this DVD!

    Good Luck!

  2. Euphoria64 says:

    I think what could be perceived as your erroneous comment is the reference to the label “Heart Revival” but I am suspecting that you aren’t angling at that, even though it can achieve much more than what it refers: the technique is useful for any scenarios where an attack to the upper torso causes contraction, restriction and dysfunction to the upper torso area. This could include any symptoms such as heart dysfunction, breathlessness, stopped breathing, cough, chest pain, due to stoppage of blood circulation, breathing or bio-electrical signals.

    I wonder if your erroneous comment is more to do with the term “heart attack”.
    Although, there are cited cases of people using the kyusho “heart revival technique” to restart someones heart (non martial context). From the context of a kyusho attack it may not be a heart attack being created even though the outward manifesting signs suggest otherwise.

    Arteries that supplies blood to the heart muscle could become suddenly blocked, as the medical term Heart Attack implies. The Kyusho attack could also be causing Cardiac Arrest, the act of causing sudden heart arrhythmia and chaos, hence why the revival works so well because it shocks and acts like a defibrillator to reorganise the heart signals.

    Depending on the intention and strategy used, whether a blood pool/gate attack or a neural attack, both can cause the heart to dysfunction, even fail to beat, but perhaps not strictly in the way the medical term implies the cause.

    I don’t know what criteria was used to label the technique “Heart Revival”. The logic as I see it is because perhaps the Shu Category of “Associated Organ” Acupuncture Points use in the revival relate to the Lungs, Percardium and Heart Organs.

    No doubt if I am off track I will be corrected! 😉

  3. admin says:

    Well that answer sure covered a lot of ground and the answer is much more simple than all suggested, but thank you for all of your thoughts and breaking the ice.

    You touched on it in a vague way sir… by the way it was not an erroneous statement it is a “seemingly” erroneous statement that is true.

  4. Euphoria64 says:

    Hi Evan,
    Oh the joys of translating the semantics of the english language.
    I look forward to getting the answer to this “seemingly” erroneous statement that is true.
    Either way I am a winner, because your preview video gave me a couple of new valuable insights!

  5. admin says:

    Dean, I used to run challenges on the old forum archives a lot, the reason isto get people guessing, thinking and interactive. Kyusho.com has always been the soruce for this in Kyusho… so hopefullymore will join the conversation as so many benefit in the exchnge.

    Keep looking sir it is there.

  6. Euphoria64 says:

    Evan, as I give more thought to you “seemingly erroneous statement that is true”
    I consider this…
    You have previously mentioned that the heart revival technique was developed out of need. I haven’t heard you specifically say it by I would take a punt on the fact that the effects of applying kyusho were causing enough destruction and internal disharmony that infact as a result the heart was stopping, hence the need to beable to recover the recipient and even restart the heart (reason being more than likely a training partner as a result of the developing Kyusho research and experimentation).
    You did mention that emergency trained people have reported to use this technique to restart the heart after heart attack.
    You also stated in the preview this…”We didn’t do that (create the revival) because we could stop peoples hearts”…
    Now to me this is erroneous because it is feasible that with a Kyusho attack, the heart can be caused to stop, hence why the motivation for the revival was developed. Out of a need to correct the problem caused.

    kyusho have never stopped hearts to restart them

  7. admin says:

    Well Sir, Congratulations you picked up on one of two in the sequence and yes you won the DVD… still not released but it will be sent as soon as received.

    Because it is Christmas time, if someone else picks up on the other one… I will send you a free copy as well!

  8. Euphoria64 says:

    Thank you sir.

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