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Dr. Jacob McClintock of Arkansas, is an Emergency Room Physician, who contacted me with a great story.  It seems Doctor McClintock credits a Kyusho Revival for saving an elderly patient from coding in the ER... now how cool is that for any and all Kyusho International Members and instructors alike.  Our basic curriculum is real protection, not only against an opponent, but for our health protection as well.

The Value of Kyusho Study

This was a fun interview as we ran the range of topics from health applications to BJJ.

He started learning Kyusho in the mid 1990's from studying my videos at the Isshin Ryu school his parents owned.  It seems early on they had trouble working the material and getting the results they were looking for from Kyusho.  It wasn't until his 8 year old son was watching one of my recent YouTube videos (on Mawashi Uke: ) and went to ask his father if it was real or worked.  The Dr. informed his son that it was not workable and told the son to try it on him... after waking up on the floor, the Doctor's curiosity peaked and he began researching and practicing the Kyusho again in earnest.

Doc McClintock goes on to say that the western medical structures are far more palatable and believable to him than the eastern TCM models.  That is so he can see exactly what structures are being struck or compressed to gain more insights and skill.  As he continues to work the vessel constrictions with the specific 6 Ji hand weapons his skill is now growing well, even in his BJJ training.  He says he has been using the Kyusho now to work in BJJ and he is getting the upper hand with great results consistently.  His training partners are still unaware of what he has done, he sidesteps the direct explanation when they ask what he did.

As a long time practitioner of Isshin Ryu Karate, he is gaining not only valuable insights, but also greater depth and skill in his Kartate and Kata.

Validation of Revivals

Even with all of these benefits he gained from the videos and Platinum Membership online training encyclopedia,  one of the more amazing things he has experienced is a revival that helped in a desperate emergency situation.  An elderly man came into the Emergency Room at the hospital as he was the responding physician.  The patient was brought in hypotensive state brought about by a arterial rupture and blood loss, about to code (go into cardiac arrest), and after the medical applications and no response, he remembered and tried a Kyusho revival he learned from my Rokkishu video on the subscription.  Immediately the heart rate came back to normal and he even woke up (more later).  The Doctor believes the revival brought him out of that potentially fatal condition.  Disclaimer; Although our methods are not accepted legally, they still work well and expediently to help restore proper functionality.

He discusses the medical term Hypo Volemic shock that is also mentioned in the notes, scrolls and documents of Hohan Soken, Funakoshi, Fujita, Mabuni and other legends.  That is a major blood loss and it's implications... discussed in detail in the video (suggestion, watch and listen to the full video).

The Doc also commented that each KO he has watched in the UFC and MMA buts, are directly on real Kyusho Targets (facial nerve, etc.).  He is also amazed that a bit of information he got off the Anatomy of a Hook Punch video, (from 1998) about the polarity change in the body and that although he has used it successfully (adding far more affect), he wanted to understand the physiological (electrical energy from the nerves, reasons for it (explained on the video).

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