It's not so clear a question

Most Kyusho practitioners I have run into prefer to always learn new targets and especially new tricks.  Little gimmicks that they can learn and show to people... but this is not training, it is simply playing Kyusho.

Even senior Kyusho practitioners rather play than train as training requires more focus, long hard hours of dedicated practice on a single theme.  It is not how much one knows, it is what can one actually do under stress, spontaneous demand and fast paced non cooperative action.

Most also rather be taught, than to learn... what that means is that they rather someone show them something new each time rather than having the instructor watch what they can accomplish and make refinements or if totally assimilated, then and only then learn more.

Knowledge means nothing without experience

Too many are fooled into believing that if the saw or read something, that they know it.  But actually they only KNOW OF IT.  Applying that knowledge is the key to really knowing it and it is only after many hours of training can ones EXPERIENCE begin to make that information workable.  This is not in a set technique that is becomes so as that is only experimentation and PLAY.  The training must be spontaneous, constantly flowing, changing and demands for accuracy and effect escalating with greater levels of demand and difficulty in the training.

You do not need a lot of information, you need a lot of correct training.

Too many people get bored with using a single target or training process if they need to do it more than once... but without that repetition, they fool themselves thinking they know it.  Training something fully (dare I say to the point of mastery), you will need to repeat things hundreds if not thousands of times to get it to a workable level under duress.  If you do not have that ability to focus and derive satisfaction in that simplicity and arduous training, first you are only playing Kyusho and you may as well train something else that allows you to play and make believe you have the skill.



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