We often hear of the fabled "Delayed Death Touch" in the Martial Arts as one of the highest skill levels to attain. But many put it off as myth or movie tricks as opposed to really researching and training to get it to work.

Well it is really not far fetched and in fact it is not only logical, but actual. The logical path would have you look at traumatic injuries, where vital anatomical structures are damaged. Over a given period of time in damage, it would incur fatality. As example, a brain hemorrhage, may or may not kill the victim instantly, nor would a severed artery, or organ. However left untreated, they would surely become fatal to that victim.

Now this logic does not only pertain to fatal wounds or injury, it can be also associated with illness or permanent physiological impairment. As an example of this would be a damaged liver or kidneys, left untreated can cause many health issues that increase with time or become chronic. And just as this is a step down from the dire time delay for fatality, there is simple physiological impairment, such as a spasmed breathing capability that causes a person to pass out, or the drop in blood pressure that makes them faint, or the stroke affects via another attack or injury, all getting worse with time, not instant but rather a prolonged or delay affect.


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