The Rule of Yin and Yang

The Rule of Yin and Yang is not limited to positive and negative, but in the transition ever constant in these dueling polarities.

As one can not exist without the other, they also can not exist in stagnation.  Energy is a constant vibration from one to the other and in such, the third polarity arises.  In electrical terms, you have the positive electrical charge, the negative and the neutral or ground... With the Blood you have oxygenated and depleted blood emanating from heart and lungs to the body and returning, the ebb and flow, Yin and Yang.  This duality and the interplay depicts the basis and traits of life and the essence of the three animal styles of Pangainoon (Uechi-Ryu).

Two Additional Films for Subscribers, deeper explanation at this link (and an additional demonstration film link on that page).

So what does that mean for Kyusho - Click Here for the Dragon Introduction


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