Traditional Secret Training

In the old ways of the Martial Arts there was two systems in each system, one being openly taught and the other taught only to a select few people.  These were considered the Open (Kaishu) and Closed (Heishu) door systems.

And so we must close the Kyusho door as well, due to the increasing potency and serious affects we have and are attaining.  It would be irresponsible to continue to release deeper and more advanced Kyusho publicly.

But as so much was taught in public seminar or available here in the subscriptions service and even the brief films freely added to YouTube, that it is enough to keep any Martial Artist deep in study and training for at least the three plus decades as it has us.

The recent discoveries have both excited and scared a small private training group as we have uncovered yet more and from several sources.  All experimented and validated on, with as stated some scary results.  The image above is a portion of some documents that depict a severe possibility, that has been validate and deemed too dangerous for public consumption.  And as many try to ride on the coat tails, without proper instruction... the safety of innocent people may be at risk.  So many false instructors now have YouTube videos (as it's popularity grows, they feel people must at least think they know Kyusho), that tell how to do this or that to KO a person, but they do not (and in many cases, can not), demonstrate it.  Then you have Facebook, Instagram and all the other Social Media sites where these insincere or beginner level hopefuls brag and scramble to get on the bandwagon, yes even the old Asian instructors that missed the boat long ago.

Pandoras Box has been opened and yes admittedly we were a main factor on that opening, but Kyusho will never fade away as as the old masters tried to do in the early 1900's. However, what is being incorrectly propagated now by most is superficial at best, we stood alone in bringing you the real story, real anatomy and real affects.  But we must now close the doors to the public by demonstrating and teaching only the open door Kyusho, placing ourselves in the mainstream with the false and superficial instructors.

And there are the plethora of instructors that trained with us briefly (that only scratched the surface of the full education), or those that come to a seminar to get a picture and brag how they trained with us.  We even have people that have illegally "Trademarked"our trademark trying to ban others in their country from training others in proper Kyusho, yes people are that corrupt... but already we see their diversion into the false Kyusho will be their undoing as it has so many before them.  This is probably why the Old Masters began to hide Real Kyusho, in the past century.  Educate yourself to protect yourself and those you train with.

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