Why are these images different?

Last Friday the blog was about  Kenwa Mabuni and his coveted Bubishi, received from his teacher; Anko Itosu.  Just one more legendary Master and Style that worked with this information and method called Kyusho.

You have also read here about the Keys to this enigmatic and ancient document.  To the Martial Art practitioner, it remains an enigma, but to the Kyusho practitioner the Bubishi can hold many deeper aspects... but only with certain keys to unlock them.

Here is one such key... why are these two drawings (just two of many differing images), of the practitioner drawn differently?

These images are from Mabuni's Book;  “Seipai No Kenkyu” published in 1934 in Article 32; Shaolin Hand and Foot, Muscle and Bone Training Postures.  But they are also in other editions and all "Hidden in Plain Sight"... so look deeper at these two images, then cross correlate it to the full Bubishi's images and Articles.

You may also want to look at these postures in correlation to the Kata you practice in your own style... they are in all styles and the deeper meanings are all there as well.  Kyusho comes to life from this ancient book in your mind, hands and Kata.  For the images here and the Key they hold... it is not the fighting technique itself, it is something far more important to see, understand and correlate to the entire manual.  And these types of Keys are running throughout the "Articles" for all to see if Kyusho is fully understood and adapted to them.

So often people only read the historical information or skip right to Article 29: "The Forty Eight Self Defense Diagrams" as the Martial aspects and value,but there is so many important keys that make this a real training manual for all the articles.  Well the Living Bubishi will be exposing them over time exclusively in our Platinum Subscription in monthly segments... for Kyusho enthusiasts it will be a Vital expose.

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