The Darker Side

We have covered so far only one vital aspect of the "Black Tiger", in that when the blood system is attacked to the extent that it drops the opponent (explained in detail and demonstration in prior articles and films), their eyesight fades to black and therefore the name.

However there are several other reasons for the "Black" name, again all related to changes in the blood or blood system of the body.  So let's take a closer look to see gain greater insight into the art of the Black Tiger.

Starting with the composition of the blood itself, we realize that blood is a special body fluid which is composed of a liquid called "Blood Plasma" and "Blood Cells" which are suspended within that plasma.  The three types of blood cells that are within the fluid we call blood, are red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.  The red blood cells, which are bright red when oxygenated, break down in the environment outside the body, as the oxygen levels are reduced.  The plasma, which is mostly water, by concentration, is released and the blood looses that bright red as it begins to turn brown in color... eventually black.

We also understand as we have all experienced a hematoma or more commonly stated as a "Black and Blue" or even received or gave a "Black Eye". This is an internal rupture of the blood vessels that leak under the surface of the skin.  After time the reddened area begins to turn blueish and depending on the severity, with greater blood leakage, to blackish color.  So the grip and targeting of the Black Tiger, that damages the vessels and causes leakage, will also leave blackened skin at the attack areas.  In days of old, if a body was discovered, with many of these discolored areas, it was a sign of the Black Tiger attack, or Dim Mak (Dian Hsueh, Etc.).

Levels of Injury and more will be released in the Living Bubishi (Platinum Subscription)

By the way, these targets and levels have long been documented, recorded and passed on to those that see by Gichin Funakoshi, Kenwa Mabuni, Seiko Fujuita, Hohan Soken, Anko Itosu, Miyagi Chôjun and so many others.  There is a major divide in  Karate today between Sport and Protection... it is up t the reader which path to follow.  However to dismiss the Kyusho as fictitious (due to lack or research or training), or to propagate incorrect training paradigms (pressure points and the correlation to acupuncture), is a ignoration of Karate heritage, intent and original core teachings.  Seek those that research this original core with real anatomical and physiological scope, to dispel the myths and regain the honor, integrity and nobility of those before.

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