Bil Jee – Thrusting Fingers

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Darting Fingers (or Flying Fingers)

Bil Jee - Biu Ji, is the third hand set in the Wing Chun (and derivatives) Style/s... it's name means darting fingers and is a high level skill.  This is accomplished through what is called ‘inch energy’, or developing power in very short distances as well as two way energy developed in the prior form; Chum Kiu.

The style and form are derivatives of Fujian White Crane and as such contains the tools of that older style... in particular the Darting Fingers type tools, the 6 Ji Hands (included in the Bubishi), of the White Crane System.


It is not therefore surprising to see the 6 Ji Hands inside the high level form, that although included in the lower forms, they are not trained with the proper energetic delivery mechanism in place.  The forte of the Bil Jee in in it's short rotational torquing power generation introduced into the hands via the "Darting Fingers" or "Flying fingers"... as it is the fingers that enable the true potential (the fingers are not necessarily the weapon).

The Bil Jee not only teaches ‘inch energy’, it also teaches the practitioner to develop power by the use of two way energy.  The two way energy of push and pull (Yin and Yang), are what cause the rotation of the joints and the vast power and penetration of the hand weapons.  Watching the film above, take note of the wrist and knuckle rotations in sync with the flying or darting of the fingers that allow the snapping type of action unrestricted.

In the form as well as the Ji Hands, there are 6 variations of torque involved (and why the name of energy hands (Ji) is so fitting). Investigating them in greater detail will enable you to better understand the specific hands as well as their individual possibilities... especially as trained and deployed in Bil Jee.

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